Consulting & Advising Services

For Chefs, Restaurant Owners & Entrepreneurs

I love to help aspiring restaurateurs and caterers reach their dreams. Wondering if you would benefit from working with me? 

  • Do you have an amazing idea for a restaurant—but are not sure how to start?
  • Does the prospect of opening your first brick-and-mortar location make you feel overwhelmed?
  • Is business steady but you’re struggling to make a profit, and are wondering if your pricing is to blame?
  • Did you just land your first big catering client inquiry…but aren’t quite sure what to quote them?
  • Do you need help with your restaurant’s kitchen layout?

If any of these situations resonate with you, I can help!

I Can Help You With:

Concept Planning

Starting & Managing A Catering Company

Starting & Managing A Restaurant

Finding Equipment and Food Purveyor

Calculating The Cost Of A Plate

Developing or Updating Your Menu

…and more!

Coaching Tailored Specifically For You

Struggling to get your restaurant or catering business off the ground? Passionate about cooking and want to translate your passion into a career? Ready to take the next step with your business?

I will work with you step-by-step to help you build your restaurant or catering business. My 10+ years of experience as a chef, restaurateur, and caterer will save you time and money, and set you up on a path to success. From menu development to food cost issues, I am here for you.

What To Expect When Working With Me

Think of our work together as an investment in yourself and your future. First, I will meet with you one-on-one during a discovery call to learn more about your coaching needs. From there, I will prepare a coaching package tailored specifically for you. Once we embark on our journey together, you’ll receive a personalized coaching plan outlining the work we will tackle as a team.

Here’s a short list of coaching areas I offer:

  • Concept Planning
  • Style of Service
  • Financial Forecasting & Budgeting
  • Menu Development & Menu Revamping
  • Finding Equipment and Food Purveyor
  • Selecting the Right Staff
  • Kitchen Layout Design
  • Food Cost & Waste

Still not sure if you are in need of a restaurant or catering consultant? Get in touch and let me show you how I can build, grow, expand, and bring your vision to life.



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Chef Yadira